Data Utilization Pulse:

The Two Directional Survey to
Build Data Driven Organizations

With the new age of AI kicking into higher gear, companies are beginning to realize the extent of the changes that are needed to their operation to remain competitive. In a recent survey of Finnish executives 45% planned to focus on improving operational efficiency, and 40% planned to do so by improving data utilization.

In order to achieve this change, a lot is needed from the organization as a whole. While it is positive that 34% of leaders planned to improve their companies’ resilience and ability to change, we at GOODIN believe this needs to be done properly to be successful.

GOODIN has prepared a whitepaper on how to manage the necessary changes in a people-first way – creating organizations where change is organic, and something positive that both employees and the C-suite can drive towards. In the whitepaper we explain how GOODIN’s Data Utilization Pulse can help you succeed harness the winds of change.