The GOODIN Assessment

Data is only valuable when people know how to use it. Close the gap between business and IT with us and turn data into wisdom with real business impact.

The GOODIN assessment is our methodology for identifying the business critical data gaps in your organization.

To cure a hundred ailments,
you must first
diagnose a thousand.

“Chinese proverb”

1. Defining the Business Case

We believe the best way to start patching the data gap is to identify the key processes that can be improved by better use of your available data.

Most businesses have a variety of processes that run across business units, and teams. The interactions between people within these processes are often where data is used – or should be.

We work with our clients to identify the most promising processes that have large business value, and are likely to have room for improvement with their use of data. We target these to validate the assumption, and dive deeper to find out the causes of the data gap.

2. The Interviews

Based on the process we are working on, we determine the people we need to talk to in order to find areas of improvement, pain-points, and opportunities.

To gain proper insights, we use the Behavioral Event Interview method to identify the strengths and weaknesses of data use in the organisation, tying the results down to key successes and failures.

Additionally we believe leave room for free discussion to capture the true perspective of people working for the organisation. This data is stored and analysed using AI to capture key topics, and issues. We use the DAMM framework as a starting point for framing the answers.

3. The Survey

While qualitative interviews provide valuable insights, and can be used to quantify the importance of themes and topics, quantitative surveys are a crucial way of gathering insights from within an organisation.

We have worked together with ProInsight to create new questions on data literacy, and utilisation into their survey model. We will implement this survey to the appropriate people to bolster our understanding of the situation at the organisation.

4. The Output

With the data, and information we have collected, we will create a Leadership Scorecard to clearly present our findings.

The scorecard will tie back to the business process selected, as well as to your organisational structure in order to provide a clear picture of the types of issues, and where they most urgently need to be fixed.

Based on the scorecard we will also provide a detailed roadmap on ways to tackle the issues we have uncovered. We will also provide recommendations on how to monitor the situation moving forward, and track the impact of any improvements you decide to take.


Findings of data utilization via questionnaire and interviews. Dashboard of existing gaps in data use.

Suggested actions to patch the gap in people and data

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