Introducing GOODIN Pulse: Goodin’s solution for monitoring the heartbeat of your company’s data use, and fostering a culture of shared insights and best practices.

The GOODIN Pulse isn’t just a tool; it’s a gateway to driving measurable outcomes from your data. The GOODIN Pulse is designed to seamlessly integrate into your processes, making it easy to improve the ways your company utilizes the data you have.

Continuous improvement is like the beating heart;
it requires the constant Pulse of feedback.

“Chinese proverb”

How it works?

1. Tailor the Survey for Your Needs

Not every organization is the same, and the issues that need to be addressed vary as well. It is crucial to target the questions you are asking your employees correctly.

We recommend starting with the GOODIN Assessment that provides data, and insights on the most important issues to monitor. However, we have a broad range of questions available to cover key topics for data utilization, that can be tailored to your needs.

2. Easy to Answer,
Segmented and Topical

The GOODIN Pulse is an
easy-to-use quantitative survey, that balances the need for continuous, and comparable results, with survey fatigue.

Enjoy analytical insights into key topics with easy and extensive segmentation options while only taking up two minutes (2 min) per week from your employees.

3. Handle Open Feedback at Scale

GOODIN uses AI and ML methods to automatically classify – and respond to – open feedback from the GOODIN Pulse.

We can identify topics, conduct sentiment analysis, and detect outliers from your employees, and help act upon any issues, and action-points from that arise.

GOODIN can operate as an intermediary to ensure feedback is given anonymously (and honestly), but can also be acted upon to fix the issues communicated through the survey.

4. Communicate Your Actions

One of the biggest mistakes management can make is not communicating the impact of employee feedback. Not all issues can be (immediately) fixed, but it is important for people to know that their input is heard and valued. And that steps will be taken to fix raised issues in a certain space of time. Or that the why’s something cannot be fixed are communicated clearly and directly. People understand that not everything is possible. What they do not understand are false promises.

The GOODIN Pulse allows for two-directional communication so that results can be analysed, action-points communicated, and best practices shared. Any new data resources can also be announced to the specific employees that can benefit from using it.


Track the progress you’ve made!

  • Keep response rates high
    with easy to use survey
  • Keep track of your company’s data pulse at scale
  • Share actions, and best practises 
  • Drive measurable outcomes from your data

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