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GOODIN: A Data Journey of People-Driven Business Intelligence

In a bustling tech hub called Fusion Ecosystem, three visionary minds converged with a shared passion for revolutionising the way data is harnessed within organisations. 

Atte Ailio, Jarmo Rajala, and Kira Sjöberg, each possessing distinct expertise, united to shape a transformative path for data. The aim: to rewrite the rules of data utilisation, introducing a new era of people-driven business intelligence and data wisdom.

Conception of a Bold Vision

Atte, a business-savvy BI expert with a knack for identifying industry trends, had noticed a gap in this during his extensive career in different industries working in finance lead roles. While data-driven decisions were written in the strategy, the disconnect between data and the human element remained evident. Recognising this opportunity, Atte had imagined a place that would empower organisations to unlock the potential of their data while placing people at the heart of decision-making.

The Analytical Maven

Jarmo, a seasoned expert in business intelligence technologies, had witnessed firsthand the untapped potential within the use of data even with the leading technologies that he previously worked with. 

Jarmo was driven by a passion to empower businesses with actionable insights derived from data analysis but remained frustrated over the course of 25 years when the data often remained unutilised. Recognising Atte’s vision as a catalyst for change, he became intrigued by the idea of merging technology with human-centric principles.

Designing the Human Experience

Enters Kira, a design thinking and organisational psychology enthusiast that had in her work struggled with the gap that existed between the potential of data and how people could utilise it – if they only were enabled and empowered by organisations to do so.

With an understanding of how people interact with technology and organisations, Kira was captivated by the possibility of bringing design thinking and psychology to the forefront of data utilisation- creating data literate cultures for organisations. She saw an opportunity to create an environment where data-driven decisions were not only intelligent, but also aligned with the needs and aspirations of individuals enabling a data-driven future. 

The Convergence

The trio’s paths converged through fate when Riikka Uimonen from Fusion Ecosystem connected them and a shared purpose was born. Discussions over coffee turned into a series of brainstorming sessions that fueled their collective vision around this recognised pain point in the market. The decision to embark on this journey was made, and their complementary skills formed a foundation for the venture.

Crafting the Solution

Months of tireless collaboration followed. Atte’s knack for business structures, Jarmo’s analytical rigor and tech knowledge, and Kira’s design thinking prowess blended seamlessly. 

They envisioned a company that would not only help with technical data questions, but also enable organisations to understand the psychology behind decisions people make. This fusion of technology, business intelligence, design thinking, and organisational psychology gave birth to a solution that placed individuals at the forefront of data transformation – with the aim to bridge the gap between Business and IT.

From Idea to Reality

The team navigated the intricacies of technological development, fine-tuned user experiences through iterative design, and integrated principles of organisational psychology and the question of how to concretely create a change. Along the way, they engaged industry experts, conducted extensive research, and even sought feedback from potential customers to understand the true use cases and gaps in the market that no-one else filled.

Empowering a Paradigm Shift with GOODIN

The vision is that organisations will marvel at the way data could in the future be harnessed to not only drive profits, but also foster innovation and elevate the human experience, especially when AI and automation is involved.

As GOODIN is part of Fusion Ecosystem – an alliance of 30+ digital development companies accelerated by Reaktor – this vision is possible as the ecosystem enables access to the best possible expertise within the digital realm. 

GOODIN’s core is in helping you enable your data – be it BI, AI and IoT – to create a business advantage for your organisation. 

For this to be possible hard data must be paired with soft empathy – the superpower of humans. Only then can you empower good insights.

The Dream: A Transformation towards a Positive Change with Data Wisdom

What Atte, Jarmo and Kira hope for is that this collaborative journey will come full circle. The dream is that this venture not only transforms data utilisation, but also inspires a paradigm shift in how organisations approach decision-making to create a business advantage. 

The unison of GOODIN showcases how diverse expertise, a shared purpose, and a people-driven approach could reshape industries and create a lasting legacy of positive data-driven change on many levels in businesses.

GOODIN is a dream workplace for people who share the vision of how data is utilised in companies and want to build business intelligence solutions that are used and create actual value for organisations across industries.

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