Start Patching Your Data Gap

GOODIN can help you patch your data gap in a variety of ways, but we specialise in bringing people-centric solutions to take your business to the next level.

While technology is a vital part of modern business, even the best tech won’t get you there unless you build your teams, and operate your business in ways that utilize the varied skillsets and viewpoints to create value.

Machines can plow a thousand fields, yet return with only dirt.
A wise sage knows where the best crops grow.

“Chinese proverb”

Our Approach

1. Work & People Design

Data provides opportunities to do things differently only when people understand and know how to make it happen. In the rapidly advancing tech landscape of AI, LLM’s and Machine Learning in general, our ways of working and how we organise needs a rethink.

Our approach to Work & People Design focuses on the data and AI related skills that are vital for creating value for the company. We help you assess and evaluate what the time replaced by AI needs to include to enable a data-driven human-led organization!

Our methodology ties service and business design principles to data utilization, and can be targeted to the most critical teams/units as well as to the whole organization based on the GOODIN assessment.

2. Training Your Team
to Use Data Efficiently

GOODIN can plan and implement a series of training sessions tailored to your needs. With more than a combined 60 years of experience we have expertise in a wide range of data & BI related topics we can assist with.

With our partners at Splended and the Fusion Ecosystem we can also provide Data Learning Sprints, and coaching for almost any topic relating to tech, data, and business. From the 6000 experts within the 30+ companies in the Fusion ecosystem, we are sure to find a good fit to your needs.

3. Technical Fixes

Due to our long experience in data, business intelligence, finance, sales, and marketing we have identified key issues, that are common across industries. We can build ready solutions to help fix the most critical blockers to creating business value. GOODIN can quickly set up the technical solutions that help your teams drive your business to the future.

Our current focus is to build new solutions for leveraging Generative AI to directly drive business value. Working with our partners we have come up with a variety of ways to utilize the latest technologies in the industry.

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